6 Best Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia

6 Best Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia

6 Best Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia
- Maybe everyone is familiar with this one country.

As we all know there are lots of religious tourist attractions in the country.

Even though it only has a vast expanse of desert, this country has its own historical story about Islam.

So it is not surprising that this country is often a tourist destination for Muslims.

And on this occasion, we want to share the information with all of you. Which of course can be a recommendation for a tourist destination when going on vacation to Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, continue to refer to the summary of the 6 best tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia that we have prepared below.

6 of the best tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia that must be visited

1. Madain Shaleh

The first place in this review is one of the quite historic cities, where it is said that this city was the residence of the Nabataeans and Thamud.

Where these people lived at the time of Prophet Noah and Prophet Musa. And in this location, you will find lots of stone monuments which reach 131 pieces.

With an area of around 4000 hectares, you will be able to find various historical sites from that era.

One of them is Mada'in Saleh or the city of Nabi Saleh AS. And for your information too, this place is included in the list of UNESCO heritage sites. How? interesting to visit, is not it?

2. Bab Mecca Market

Meanwhile, one of the 6 tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia is a market or marketplace.

Of course, for those of you who like shopping and are religious at the same time, you can visit this location. The reason is, as we mentioned earlier that this country is full of religious places.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a shopping center, where Pasar Bab Mecca has better offers compared to other locations.

What is none other than a cheaper and more affordable price, moreover there are lots of choices that you can make as an option.

Interesting right? Where you can set aside time for shopping relaxation in Arab countries.

3. Al Haram Mosque

Who does not know this magnificent mosque, especially many Muslims who have dreams of being able to see its splendor?

Not to mention, this mosque is the holiest mosque for Muslims. With a magnificent design surrounding the Kaaba, many followers of the Prophet Muhammad SAW wanted to worship at that place.

Not to mention the hadith mentions that by carrying out worship at this mosque, they can get a reward 100 thousand times more than at other mosques.

That way, it is not surprising that Muslims really crave to be able to worship in this mosque.

Moreover, in Islam performing the Hajj to Mecca is one of the Pillars of Islam.

How? Want to try to worship in this place?

4. Hira Cave

Meanwhile, 6 tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia this one is a cave. Where this one cave is still related to religious tourism for Muslims in Arabia.

The reason is, this cave is a place that is quite important for Muslims

Which, this cave is a silent witness when the Prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelation of Allah from the angel Gabriel.

And even before the Prophet Muhammad SAW knew Allah, he was often alone in this place.

So it is not surprising that this one place is crowded with visitors. Even though the location of this cave is on a fairly steep cliff, it doesn't dampen the desire of tourists to visit it.

5. Quba Mosque

And for this one mosque, it is recorded as the oldest mosque in the world. So it is not surprising that it is one of the tourist attractions for Muslims.

Where this also happens in other beliefs, where the oldest place of worship is often a tourist spot for His people. It's just different from this one mosque.

Where it is recorded that there is a Hadith that being able to worship in this place, especially doing the Sunnah prayer of 2 cycles, makes a Muslim/Muslim woman get a reward equivalent to Umrah.

The reason is, this mosque is a mosque that was founded or built by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.
So it is not surprising that many Muslims want to visit this mosque located in Medina.

6. Jabal Magnet

And the last one of the 6 best tourist spots in Saudi Arabia, this is a unique natural phenomenon.

Which is indeed the last place in this review that can be visited by non-Muslims. Where you can feel a place that has opposing gravity.

It's just that you need to know a few things, especially for those of you who use car rental services.

The reason is that these hills have a propulsion that is not as usual. Where a parked car in neutral gear will move on its own.

6 Best Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia

Therefore, pay attention to parking your car so that nothing unwanted happens. And indeed this one hill is often known as the valley of Jin. How? Want to visit it?

And that's the information we can convey at this opportunity. It's just that, of course, there are still many tourist sites that you can visit in Saudi Arabia.

Although, as we alluded to at the beginning of the discussion, Saudi Arabia has a lot of religious tourism.

Therefore, for those of you who want to take a vacation while getting closer to the Creator, especially Muslims, this country is a suitable destination to include on your vacation list.

Thus the information that can be conveyed above, I hope the 6 tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia that we have summarized above can be useful.

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