Interesting Tourism Object on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara

Lombok Island is one of the tourist areas in Indonesia which is a favorite of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Interesting Tourism Object on Lombok Island

This is because there are many objects or attractions on this island. Attractions that are regularly visited by tourists on Lombok Island include Mount Rinjani, Giri Trawangan Island, Gili Meno Island, Gili Air Island, Gili Nanggu Island, Senggigi Beach, Kuta Beach and others.

1. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3726 m above sea level it is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park and is one of the favorite mountains for mountain climbers because of its beauty.

2. Senggigi Beach

One of the beautiful beaches which is a favorite of tourists visiting Indonesia and Lombok, in particular, is Senggigi Beach.

This is because the beautiful scenery of Senggigi beach which is still beautiful can anesthetize tourists to enjoy it for a long time.

Apart from its beaches, Senggigi also has beautiful underwater scenery and coral reefs that rise out into the sea so tourists who want to do snorkeling to their heart's content because the waves on this beach are not too big.

3. Gili Nanggu Island

Apart from Senggigi, tourist attractions on Gili Nanggu Island also offer beautiful underwater views.

Where we will find various types of fish and the beauty of beautiful coral reefs so that our eyes are satisfied.

4. Gili Trawangan

If you like to party and want to enjoy a party atmosphere at night, then you can visit Gili Trawangan.

Because the island, which is nicknamed "Party Island", always presents a party at night for tourists who want to relax and unwind after enjoying the beauty of the tourist attractions on Gili Trawangan.

So, if you and your family are currently planning to take a vacation to a tourist spot and are choosing or considering where to go for your trip, then Lombok could be one of your and your family's destinations.

Happy Holidays.!

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