Popular Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

If we visit the Netherlands, then the most fun tourist attraction in the Netherlands to visit for the first time is Amsterdam.

This is a favorite tourist spot for almost all tourists who visit there. Why does it have to be Amsterdam?

Because in Amsterdam there are so many interesting places that can make us amazed by it.

In addition, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. We can find unique and historical things in almost every city in Amsterdam.

So, we will definitely lose if we visit the Netherlands but pass through the capital.

Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands in Amsterdam

There are many tourist attractions in Amsterdam, making you feel very happy there. Why? Because before you travel to another place.

Popular Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

You will be spoiled with several tourist attractions in the Netherlands located in this one city.

So, from here on, don't be in a hurry to make your next trip. Because in this city there are many choices of places that you can enjoy.

Not only one or two places, but you can enjoy more than 10 tourist attractions. Really exciting isn't it?

1. Amsterdam

What's wrong with this post? If you pay attention, this writing looks like "I am Amsterdam", with red writing on "I Am" and "sterdam" in white when we take a photo in front of it as if to show that "here you know I'm in Amsterdam".

This writing is truly an icon in the country. This tourist spot in the Netherlands is very unique because it is located in 4 different places and is almost the same size as Hollywood in Hollywood Hills, Los Angel, which we often see on TV.

If you visit the Netherlands and haven't taken a photo with this iconic inscription, then it won't be complete.

2. Pleins Museum

At the Plein Museum or what is commonly called the Museum Square, you can visit several important and historical places in Amsterdam.

The Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, to the diamond museum are there. Getting to know tourist attractions in the Netherlands really gives us a lot of experience.

Some of these buildings and museums are located in a large open area, so you can visit them at a time, and don't have to go far to enjoy them all.

Usually, they hold various kinds of events at this Plein Museum.

3. Rijksmuseum

So, for you artists and historians from Indonesia, it is highly recommended to visit this one museum. The location of the Rijksmuseum is not far from the Plein Museum to be exact.

This Dutch national museum is built in a very grand way, which is dedicated to art and history.

Tourist attractions in the Netherlands are generally built with magnificent and very distinctive designs.

Facilities such as cafes can be a place for you to unwind after walking around and don't forget to buy souvenirs at this museum.

4. De Dam

The next famous tourist spot that you should not miss is De Dam, which is a square.

Dam Square is in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands. What can you see there? You can see street artists who perform with various kinds of skills.

Tourist attractions in the Netherlands are always unique, like this square which is a place for many people to hang out just to unwind, watching a show where a flock of pigeons is quite an amazing sight.

Why is this place so crowded? Because here and there you can easily find other tourist attractions.

If you like shopping then don't miss the famous Shopping center and its diamond grinding factory.

5. Anne Frank Huis

Those of you who have never visited the Netherlands may be wondering what's wrong with this Anne Frank's House.

If we look at it at first glance, there is nothing special, this is actually just a house. But of course it is historic so that people are always curious to visit this tourist spot in the Netherlands.

This house became a witness for the Anne Frank family in avoiding the atrocities of Adolf Hitler who tried to eradicate the Jewish ethnicity in World War II.

This Anne Frank Huis was the hiding place for Anne, with her family and four other people, for two years. This place is very popular, to the point of being a film shooting location.

6. De Gooyer Windmill

This windmill is a tourist spot that is also often visited by tourists. Tourist attractions in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, there are 7 remaining ancient windmills, and De Gooyer is one of the most famous.

The reason for the fame of the windmill is its location which is easily accessible by tourists.

This mill is the tallest wooden windmill and is also located closest to other tourist sites such as the Maritime Museum which is another historic place in Amsterdam.

7. De Waag

This magnificent building that is very similar to castles in cartoon films can be a tourist spot in the Netherlands that you shouldn't miss.

This historic building used to be a city gate, but has been out of operation for a long time.

Here you can also take a culinary tour while enjoying the architecture of this extraordinary building.

This place is obviously very crowded as it is a market in the De Waag area.

8. Leidseplein

This place usually called Leidse Square, is the center of entertainment and nightlife in Amsterdam.

Maybe we can compare this tourist spot in the Netherlands to Malioboro or Bandung.

You can find shops, malls, cafes, cinemas and other entertainment here. You can enjoy street artists who are performing here.

In addition, you can also visit several famous buildings, one of which was used as a film shooting location.

9. Vondelpark

The name of this park is certainly no stranger to our ears.

This Vondelpark Park is the largest park there that we can easily find because it is located in the center of Amsterdam.

This tourist spot in the Netherlands is commonly used by people to play, sunbathe, picnic, cycle, skateboard and many other activities.

If one day you have the opportunity to visit this country, then some of these places could be your main destination.

10. Volendamharbor

If you go to the Netherlands, then Amsterdam is not enough because there are many other cities that are more interesting.

Small towns near Amsterdam also have a lot of visitors because of the charm of the place that can't be visited. Tourist attractions in the Netherlands, Volendam is a fishing town.

The place is very close to the harbour. You can enjoy seafood at very cheap prices and of course very delicious in Volendam.

That's a little description of the million tourist charms in the Netherlands. If you are interested, please visit there soon.

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