The Best Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Do you know the most interesting tourist attractions in Singapore in the eyes of travel connoisseurs?

Here are 10 tourist attractions in Singapore which are arranged categorically to make it easier for you to find interesting places in Singapore that suit your tastes.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular shopping or shopping attractions in the Southeast Asian region.

In addition, the modern city layout and architectural design have made a number of places in Singapore the most recommended photo spot for Singapore tourism.

In addition, hospitality tourism is also an advantage of various tourist attractions in Singapore.

Did you know, Indonesia still the largest number of visitors to Singapore throughout 2013.

The number of Indonesians taking tourist trips to Singapore far outperforms tourists from China and Malaysia.

No doubt, the Indonesian people are the most productive market share that is the target of the Singapore tourism campaign.

Don't be surprised if you hear conversations in Indonesian at the various tourist attractions in Singapore that you visit.

What are the tourist attractions in Singapore?

1. Universal Studios Singapore

This Universal Studios playground is the first to open in the Southeast Asia region and is the second in Asia after Universal Studios Japan.

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park for famous Hollywood films produced by Universal Studios, located on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Singapore

If in Indonesia, Universal Studios Singapore is Indonesia's Dufan. Ticket prices for Universal Studios Singapore are around IDR 1 million on weekends and holidays.

Of course, Universal Studios Singapore entrance tickets are very expensive. However, it will be worth it for the variety of games and entertainment on offer.

2. Sentosa Island, Singapore (Sentosa Island)

Sentosa Island is separated from the country of Singapore, with various entertainment venues, beaches, shopping areas, golf rides, restaurants, casinos, and so on.

If you want to visit Sentosa Island from Singapore, then you can take a cable car with a cable car fee of IDR 300,000.

From this cable car, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the modern city of Singapore. Of course it's beautiful! Don't forget to take photos of the best moments along the way to Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island is also one of the culinary attractions in Singapore that you should visit. Don't miss it if you are in Singapore!

3. Arab Village (Arab Street)

Kampung Arab (Arab Street) is the center of residence for Singaporeans who are Muslim. This Arab village in Singapore is located on North Bridge Road.

This area with the majority of Singaporean Muslims is one of the producers of textile products in Singapore.

In the past, Arab Street was the main place for selling Muslim paraphernalia, such as skull caps, the Koran, prayer mats and textiles.

You will find rolls of chiffon, silk, georgette cotton, and various other luxurious fabrics along the sidewalks in various hues resembling a rainbow.

On Arab Street, various batik products from Indonesia and Malaysia are also sold. Arab Street is one of the interesting places in Singapore that is worth your visit.

4. Chinatown

China Town is Indonesia's glodok market. China Town is a shopping destination in Singapore that will satisfy your cravings.

The most popular shopping place here is People's Park, a shopping place in Singapore that offers very cheap prices for goods.

Who is not interested in buying if the goods are sold at very cheap prices? Therefore, this place is one of the most visited. 

In addition to shopping tours, you can also enjoy a number of typical Chinese attractions in China Town.

Some of them are Thian Hock Keng Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Smith Street Wet Market, and Food Street.

5. Bugis Street

This is one of the shopping attractions in Singapore that is really a shame to miss. Various goods are sold on the edges of the road.

On Bugis Street, you won't be shopping in a building or room as befits a mall or plaza, but at stalls or shops on the roadside.

The price of goods in this place is as cheap as in China Town. Therefore shopping lovers in Singapore will also be satisfied if they visit this place.

There are many items that you can buy as a souvenir or memento from Singapore.

6. Orchard Road

This is a shopping paradise in Singapore that you must visit. On Orchard Road you find so many shops in a mall building that stands majestically. 

Hopefully, there are so many malls on Orchard Road that it doesn't make you confused about which one to choose.

This place is a center for branded goods, a place that provides thousands of world-renowned products, especially those related to fashion.

It is on Orchard Road that the Indonesian elite and conglomerates from Indonesia spend their money. A bona fide Singapore shopping tour experience of course.

Of the many malls, some of the most popular malls on Singapore's Orchard Road are Tangs Plaza, Takashimaya, Wisma Atriya, and Lucky Plaza.

7. Merlion Park (Merlion Statue in Singapore)

Do you know the national symbol of Singapore? Yes, a statue in the shape of a lion's head with a mermaid's body. 

This is a Singapore icon. Merlion Park is a photo spot in Singapore that is most popular with tourists.

Almost those who visit this country will definitely capture a personal moment with the background at the Merlion Statue.

This park is open to the public, can be visited 24 hours a day, and is free of charge. 

This Merlion statue is right on the Singapore River, a river with beautiful panoramas. Come to this park at night, you will be amazed by the beauty of the city of Singapore with the sparkling lights there.

8. Esplanade

This is Singapore's arts center which is one of the most active and busiest in the world. Various concerts are held in this place.

Of course, this place is free of charge to visit, unless there is a concert, so you have to buy a ticket to get in there. 

The Esplanade is one of the icons of Singapore, a place that is the pride of the people of that country.

The Esplanade is located directly opposite the Merlion Statue, this concert venue is an integral part of Merlion Park. 

The Esplanade is built with unique architecture, which resembles a durian or a fly's eye. 

To get to this place, you can use the MRT and then get off at Raffles Place or City Hall stations. Then just walk to arrive at the location.

9. Raffles Landing Site

This is a monument made in memory of the first Governor of Singapore, namely Sir Stamford Raffles.

Here you will find a Raffles replica statue which is white in color and overlooks the Singapore River. 

If you want to see the original statue, then you can visit the Victoria Concert Hall which is located about 500 m from this location. 

Interesting places around this monument area include Clarke Quay, Omar Kampong Malaka Mosque, Tan Si Chong Su Temple, Esplanade, and Merlion Statue.

10. Katong

Katong is a culinary tour in Singapore that you deserve to enjoy. There are quite a lot of culinary varieties available there to satisfy your cravings, for example Malay food, various seafood dishes. 

This culinary spot in Singapore is located on East Coast Road and Joo Chiat Road. Along East Coast Road, you will find a variety of seafood dishes. 

For Malay food, you can go to Geylang Serai which is located in this Katong area.

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