Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

Traveling abroad is a lot of fun. But visiting a country with different seasons like Japan, of course, you have to prepare everything more carefully.

Don't let your vacation to tourist attractions in Japan be ruined just because you don't understand the season.

Japan is a country that has 4 seasons, approximately every 3 months the seasons will change.

The seasons are spring (Haru), summer (Natsu), autumn (Aki), and winter (Fuyu).

Usually, spring will start around March. And this is a tourist spot that you can visit.

1. Fuji mountain

It is the highest mountain in Japan that you can visit. This very conical shape of the mountain is a very famous volcano in Japan.

visiting the beauty of tourism in japan

If you are a climber, surely you are very interested in climbing this mountain which is covered in ice at its peak.

This very famous tourist spot in Japan is very crowded, even more than 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year. To be able to reach the top, it takes 3 to 8 hours.

2. Tokyo Tower

The tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan.

Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

This tower has a function as a communication tool which is also an observation tower. If you visit the Tokyo Tower, you can climb it for an unparalleled view of Tokyo.

3. Golden Pavilion

This golden pavilion has another name Kinkaku-ji, visitors are busy coming to this very magnificent tourist spot in Japan.

Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

This pavilion was burnt down in 1950, then renovated again and adjusted to its initial conditions.

The beauty of buildings and gardens around this pavilion is very beautiful, and this is what makes visitors very interested in the panorama.

4. Himeji Castle

For matters of building architecture, Japan has a very unique design. Himeji Castle is the result of the best architectural work in Japanese palaces. After experiencing renovation many times.

Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

Not only being a tourist spot in Japan, Himeji Castle is now also a shooting location for several foreign films and Japanese films themselves.

Don't miss visiting this castle when you visit Japan, because you will surely be amazed by its intricate yet unique architecture.

5. Great Buddha Of Kamakura

This Buddha statue has a height of more than 13 meters and weighs up to 93 tons. This statue was made in 1252, which is made using bronze.

Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

Formerly this statue was in a wooden temple. But now it stands in the open after the original temple was swept away by the tsunami in the 15th century.

This tourist spot in Japan is visited almost every day by tourists from overseas and from Japan itself.

6. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Local and foreign tourists who often visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial will be moved to not support the war.

Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

Because they will know the aftermath of the war after seeing the historic building, which is also the only building that remains after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

This building is in the Genbaku Dome memorial park.

7. Jigokudani Monkey Park

This is a very popular hot spring spot in the Nagano area. Jigokudani means valley of hell, so named because the steam and water there boiled and bubbled the frozen ground.

Visiting the Beauty of Tourism in Japan

This tourist spot in Japan, which is located in the middle of a steep cliff and cold forest, is very famous for its population of wild snow monkeys that are always in the valley during winter.

They warmed up in the hot water and then returned to the forest at night.

Are you interested in visiting Japan after knowing some of the beautiful places you can visit? Japan still has other beautiful places that have not been written here.

Apart from thinking about the destination, you also have to think about the hotel where you will spend the night when you are there later.

We recommend that you choose a strategic hotel that is close to other tourist attractions in Japan so that your trip is more enjoyable.

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