3 Tips for Training a Cat to Urinate in the Toilet

3 Tips for Training a Cat to Urinate in the Toilet– There are many benefits to training a cat to poop on the toilet. There will be no more unpleasant odors coming from your cat’s litter box, your job is to clean the litter box every day you can also leave. And most importantly, your monthly expenses to buy cat sand will drop dramatically or even disappear completely. (This is the benefit I feel the most)

Training a cat to urinate in the toilet certainly requires time and patience in training the cat. Even now, my cat no longer needs a litter box because it is used and trained for the cat to defecate in the toilet. Actually, at first, there was no intention at all to teach the cat to relieve himself in the toilet, just on a whim and there was a small incident, miraculously the cat suddenly urinated in the toilet.

Here I will give tips on training a cat to relieve themselves in the toilet of my version. Good luck!

Here Are 3 Tips for Training a Cat to Defecate in the Toilet

It’s pure my experience 100% yes. Keep in mind, that every cat has a different personality, what works for my cat is not necessarily effective for your cat. But you should try these tips because it is not difficult and does not require difficult tools & materials

1. Take your cat to the toilet

Yep! All the miracles that happened to my cat started with a small incident. At that time, I was in an emergency that required me to go to the toilet/bathroom immediately (yes, you guessed what business it was). When I went into the bathroom, it happened that my cat was also in the bathroom (I don’t know what was going on), but because of the emergency I tried to tell him to get out but the cat refused to come out, finally I was forced to lock him with me in the bathroom.

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While ‘finishing’ my business, the cat noticed (okay, I was holding back a laugh as I wrote this sentence). At that moment, I suddenly invited the cat to talk, and later pee with the poop here, not in the sand”.

The incident continued when we and our family forgot to put the litter box into the house at night (So indeed we usually put the litter box on the terrace of the house from the morning–evening). And tada, the next morning, around dawn, my mother was shocked by the discovery of a cat pup in our toilet closet. Hahaha, so practical, just flush, and don’t forget to clean/brush the toilet with a carbolic solution so that germs die.

2. Teach Your Cat Like When You First Trained a Sand Pup Cat

Well, because after the incident my cat still uses the litter box, I thought about starting to teach cats to urinate in the toilet. The method is as easy and simple as how to train a pup cat in the sand. Take the cat to the toilet, then place the cat on the toilet, move the cat’s legs like scavenging for sand in the litter box, and don’t forget to talk to your cat to relieve himself ‘here’ (in the toilet).

3. Take your cat to the toilet immediately when they want to poop/pip in the sand

Take your cat to the toilet immediately if you find that he is about to relieve himself. Cats want to relieve themselves, usually sniffing the sand and starting to scavenge the litter box with their feet. When you see the sign, immediately grab your cat put it on the toilet, and bracket him in the toilet.

Those are 3 Tips for Training a Cat to Urinate in the Toilet, that you can immediately practice on your favorite cat. If cat tips to urinate in the toilet have been successful in your cat, don’t forget to pay attention to the following:

  • Always provide toilet cleaners, especially carbolic solutions, so that no bacteria/germs from cat feces stick to your toilet.
  • If using a sitting toilet, don’t forget to always leave the closet lid open
  • Never close the bathroom door tightly. Leave it slightly open until it’s enough for your cat to get in and out.