5 Makeup Techniques for Those of You Who Are in a Hurry

5 makeup techniques

5 makeup techniques for those of you who are in a hurry, you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to do makeup?

Relax, this time the admin will share 5 special make-up techniques for those of you who are fast.

Of course there are times when you wake up late or have a pile of tasks that make you rush when you have to change to another job.

Even in a hurry, don’t bring it up in front of someone.

In order to always look professional or fresh, you can apply the make-up guide that you provide in this article.

5 Minutes So, Here are 5 Makeup Techniques For Those of You Who Are in a Hurry

  1. Mix moisturizer with foundation

When you don’t have a lot of time to do makeup, adding a moisturizer with a liquid foundation is a good idea to try.

Besides saving time, this step also gives you a complexion that looks even, healthy, dewy, and fresh.

If you need an extra touch in your complexion, you can add a few drops of liquid highlighter to the moisturizer and foundation mixture.

The addition of a highlighter will help brighten your skin and make it look radiant from within.

  1. Use a lighter concealer

Use a concealer that has a shade 1-2 levels lighter than your natural skin color, especially on the under eye area and the highest point of your face.

The use of concealer is useful for helping to create a healthy and well-rested skin fantasy.

Plus, concealer will also give the impression that you are ready to take on the day even though you are actually in a hurry.

  1. Use powder

Even though you idolize a dewy and glowing appearance, you are still asked not to neglect using powder to cover foundation and concealer so that they don’t change easily.

Powder needs to be blended on the side of the face that tends to be oily like the T-Zone.

Because the rays from the sun or cellphone can easily highlight the oily side of the face and make it look shiny.

So, make sure you don’t forget to use powder to cover all the excess shine on your face.

For the powder type, you can choose loose powder or pressed powder.

  1. Color the lips and cheeks with the same product

To liven up your face instantly amidst limited hours, you can tint your lips with a matte lip cream that has a pink tint.

So as not to use up a lot of time, you can use a similar lip cream to replace the blush.

Wipe the lip cream application on clean fingers and then insert your fingers together to warm the product.

At the very end, gently tap your fingers that have been covered with lip cream to the sides of the cheeks.

So, your face will look much fresher even if you don’t use a lot of products.

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  1. Apply volumizing mascara

Limited and rushed time is not the right time to create difficult eye make-up appearances with various colored eyeshadows.

Instead of using a lot of product, you should just use volumizing mascara to add volume to your lashes while adding definition to your eyes without much effort.

If you usually need a lot of time to do your brows, then it’s important to ignore the levels when you’re in a hurry.

Instead, program the remaining mascara on each sheet of your eyebrow hairs to help define the eyebrows in an instant with minimal product.


Those are 5 makeup techniques in a hurry that only take 5 minutes to complete.

Remember, no matter how rushed you are, still remember to put sunscreen before using make up, Mam.

Hopefully useful.

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