8 Skincare Sessions for Hot Weather, Make Perfect Beauty

8 skincare sessions for hot weather

ALLAEAS.COM 8 skincare sessions for hot weather, make your beauty perfect and you appear more confident in public and with your friends.

Using skincare for hot weather is a must. This is because hot air temperatures can make the skin look worn out.

The results of research conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology even show signs of early aging, such as soft lines and dark spots that appear more easily due to exposure to sunlight.

Especially in Indonesia, hot weather can get worse when the dry season comes. The air temperature can be above 30 degrees Celsius.

This condition must have a great impact on facial skin. The use of skin care for hot weather is non-negotiable.

8 Skincare Sessions for Hot Weather, Make Perfect Beauty

8 skincare sessions for hot weather

So, to make sure your skin is still beautiful, there are several steps of skincare for hot weather that you can do. What’s the trick? Read the complete guide here!

  1. Use a gel and oil-based face wash

The first skincare step for hot weather is to use gel and oil-based face wash products. The two types of face wash are great at removing dirt, dust, and excess oil that can clog facial skin pores.

Interestingly, this type of face wash product which is based on gel and oil does not make the skin lose its natural moisture.

So, a series of skincare products that can be placed next can be maximized.

  1. Apply toner to restore the  skin’s pH balance

Next, you can apply a facial toner, so that the pH balance of the facial skin is back in balance.

Effective facial toner keeps the skin moisturized. Because the skin is at risk of getting dehydrated and reddish in the middle of hot weather.

Besides that, using a toner regularly can make the skin pores look smaller and the face is also softer.

You can put the toner directly by hand or pour 2-3 drops on a beauty cotton pad. Apply gently, until quickly absorbed.

  1. Use essen so that the face is optimally hydrated

Skincare for hot weather has the function of providing maximum protection to the skin. You can use an essence so that your face can be properly hydrated.

This essence can be used after the toner seeps into the face, before using the serum. This skincare product for hot weather is great for preparing the skin before entering the other skincare stages.

Essen provides a better layer of protection for the skin amid hot weather.

  1. Don’t forget, to use vitamin C serum

So, the skincare session for hot weather can be continued by using a vitamin C serum. Reportingtom Healthline, vitamin C serum can help prevent pigmentation and soften the skin surface.

Regular use of vitamin C serum makes skin bright. Don’t worry, this vitamin C serum is relatively suitable for all skin types.

Only a small number, especially people with hypersensitive skin, feel a little skin irritation when using this vitamin C serum.

  1. Make sure the moisturizer has aloe vera ingredients

After the serum has absorbed perfectly, you can continue the skincare step for hot weather by using a moisturizer.

It’s good, to choose a face moisturizer that has aloe vera ingredients. Products that use aloe vera have a cold and relaxing effect on the skin.

Thus, it is suitable to be used as a skincare option for summer. Facial skin is no longer at risk of redness due to sunburn.

  1. Always wear sunscreen inside or outside the area

Sunscreen or sun cover is important to use to deal with hot weather. Use sunscreen with a minimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30.

The SPF percentage can determine how low the chance of developing skin damage is. Sunscreen with SPF 30 means it can protect the skin from 97% of UVB rays.

Remember, even if you are doing indoor activities, you must always use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun exposure that enters through the window.

  1. Stay away from dry lips with lip balm

Lip balm is included in a series of skincare products for hot weather. Because the skin of the lips is quite sensitive to hot weather, so it is easy to dry and crack.

You can use lip balm before activities. Lip balm can optimally moisturize the lips.

Not only that but, lip balm will also make your appearance fresher. Choose a lip balm without added fragrances and flavors.

Therefore it does not have an effect that harms the skin of the lips.

  1. Use body lotion for body skin

Last but not least, body lotion. This skin care product for hot weather effectively protects the body’s skin from sun exposure.

Body lotion plays an important role in sealing skin moisture, thus making skin soft and cheerful.

Choose a body lotion with a light and non-sticky texture. This is important so that you are always comfortable doing activities after using the lotion.

Wow, is it long enough to have a skincare step for hot weather?

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