Sex Techniques, Can Help Overcome Premature Ejaculation

sex techniques

Sex techniques, can help overcome premature ejaculation, many men complain of experiencing premature ejaculation during sex.

Is your husband included? Help him get over it with these easy sex techniques to do.

Sex Techniques, Can Help Overcome Premature Ejaculation

As quoted from askdanandjennifer, Jack Grave, the author of ‘Ejaculation Guru’, revealed a technique that he claims is 95% effective in dealing with premature ejaculation. Before explaining what the technique is, there are a few things you need to know first.

Just think about what happens to the muscles during sex before orgasm. Muscles get tense right? In general, men notice that it is the leg and buttock muscles that are the most tense.

That’s because the orgasm occurs not suddenly. There is a process in the body that makes this happen. The natural process that occurs for an orgasm to occur is for the body to tense up and then release that tension with an orgasm.

What if there are no tense muscles? Of course the orgasm will take longer to occur. That’s because the ‘fuel’ that the body needs for an orgasm does not exist.

sex techniques
sex techniques

Grave explained, when the above occurs, it means that men must control the tension in these muscles during sex so they can last longer and no longer premature ejaculation.

To control the tension, the most appropriate technique is breathing. According to Grave, 99% of what men do during sex is take short, too fast breaths. It happened unconsciously. Breathing is the last thing on the mind when making love.

Unfortunately, it is this short, rapid breath that can cause the muscles to tense up faster. When a man is breathing fast and his body is tense, he will ejaculate more quickly.

So what to do is to breathe more slowly and heavily. Just like what people do when they do yoga or tai-chi. Both of these sports really affect how the body reacts.

By breathing more slowly and heavily, the muscles will be more relaxed. Relaxed muscles will also reduce all tension so that you can penetrate longer and not ejaculate too quickly.

Of course it takes practice to master this breathing technique. If you really want your husband to stop premature ejaculation, there’s nothing wrong with trying together.

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In conclusion, by mastering the technique of slow and deep breathing during lovemaking, men can control their muscle tension and overcome premature ejaculation.

It may take practice, but it is worth trying for a more satisfying sexual experience.

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