4 Easy Ways to Fatten Cats

4 Easy Ways to Fatten CatsHaving a cat with a fat, stocky, and full body is a source of happiness and pride for some cat lovers. Because a cat’s fat body is usually a measure of an owner’s success in caring for their cat. Many people use various ways to fatten their cats.

And here are tips and ways to fatten cats that we have summarized from various cat lover forums that have been tested and proven to be effective.

Here are 4 Easy Ways to Fatten Cats

1. Giving Cats Regular Deworming Medication

The first thing you have to make sure is that your cat doesn’t have worms. Cats that are healthy and don’t have worms will reduce the risk of various diseases, especially digestive diseases. Give worm medicine regularly and at the right dose. To give worm medicine to cats, you can read the article here.

2. Giving Vitamins to Cats

Give your cat additional vitamins, a well-known brand that is often used by cat lovers is Nutriplus-gel, but don’t give it too often, just once a day. Another cheap alternative to commercial vitamins is egg yolk. Give egg yolks regularly to cats. You can give raw egg yolks directly to cats, or by mixing egg yolks into your cat’s food.

3. Provide high-protein foods

Protein is the main source of energy for cats, the younger the cat, the higher the protein intake they need. Cats digest protein and lose only 5% when they poop. If they don’t get enough protein intake they can lose weight and their body condition will decline quickly.

Based on this, providing high-protein food is very useful for fattening your cat. You can get high-protein food sources from meat. Add a mixture of chicken breast (raw or boiled) with chicken egg yolk. Guaranteed your cat will like it and will gain weight if you give it regularly.

4. Cat Sterile

Not all cat owners want their cats to be sterilized. But you need to know, that cats that have been sterilized will usually experience weight gain, possibly due to changes in their hormones after sterilization.

That was brief information about 4 Easy Ways to Fatten Cats. Hope it is useful!