3 Ways to Get Rid of Cat Fleas

3 Ways to Get Rid of Cat FleasCat fleas are one of the parasites that cause the most trouble for cat keepers. Getting rid of cat fleas is not an easy matter, especially for those of you who have more than one cat, because if one cat is infected with fleas, the other cats will automatically get infected very easily.

Apart from that, it is also difficult to remove cat fleas because the cat’s body is covered with fur, of course, the matter of removing cat fleas is even more confusing, especially for those of you who have long-haired cats.

Apart from the itching caused by cat fleas, the presence of cat fleas is also very dangerous because cat fleas are a medium for transmitting disease in cats. Because the nature of cat fleas is to suck blood, if cat fleas move from the body of a sick cat to the body of a healthy cat, the possibility of the cat contracting the disease is very large.

Here are 3 Ways to Get Rid of Cat Fleas

So, what treatment should be done to get rid of cat fleas?

1. Giving Cat Flea Medicine

Giving cat flea medication is the first thing you should do. Usually, cat flea medicine comes in the form of drops that are dripped on the cat’s nape (neck). A well-known brand of cat flea medicine is Revolution & frontline.

The price of cat flea medicine ranges from IDR 90,000 to IDR 120,000 per tube. (1 box usually contains 3 tubes).

2. Bathing Cats With Flea Repellent Shampoo

After administering flea medication, the next step is to bathe the cat with flea-killing shampoo. The aim is apart from ensuring that there are no fleas that are still alive, bathing the cat also aims to clean the cat’s body of any remaining flea dirt on the cat’s body.

3. Sprinkling Flea Powder

Sprinkling flea-killing powder evenly all over the cat’s body can also get rid of fleas. However, it should be noted that several powder products are used before bathing a cat because the powder contains special ingredients that should not be licked and entered into the cat’s body. So check the instructions for use first.

That’s all the info on getting rid of cat fleas from us, please try it and we hope your cat recovers quickly and is flea-free.

That was a brief review of 3 ways to get rid of cat fleas. Hope it is useful!