Find Out the Signs of a Cat Worms

Find Out the Signs of a Cat WormsWorms are a disease that can be considered mainstream for cats. Both wild cats and domestic cats whose lives have been arranged in such a way are equally susceptible to worms. Knowing the characteristics of a cat with worms from the start is very important so that treatment can be carried out immediately.

Finding out if a cat has worms by matching the characteristics of a cat with worms to your cat’s current condition is not difficult. Several characteristics of cat worms are visible to the naked eye. However, new symptoms arise if the parasitic worms that live in your cat’s body increasingly disrupt body functions or you could say that the worm disease has reached a more advanced level.

3 types of parasitic worms often infect cats, namely:

  1. Tapeworm
  2. Roundworms
  3. Hookworm

Signs of a Cat Worms

In kittens, usually, the main cause of worms is infection from the mother through milk.

In adult cats, food hygiene factors can also cause worms. (Especially in stray cats that eat from leftover food)

Tapeworm eggs that live in fleas are accidentally eaten when cats lick their bodies. Next, the worm eggs enter the stomach and then hatch.

Cats consume raw meat that has been exposed to worm eggs or tapeworms.

Characteristics of cats with worms that are often found and easy to recognize:

  1. Cats love to eat but are still skinny.
  2. The cat is skinny and only the stomach is bloated.
  3. Cats are lethargic and unenergetic.
  4. The cat vomits and worms come out in its vomit.
  5. There are worms in cat feces.
  6. Cats often have diarrhea or diarrhea even though there has been no change in their food.

If you find the above characteristics of cat worms in your beloved cat, don’t delay any longer, immediately take treatment steps. To treat a cat with worms, you just need to give the cat worm medicine. The price of cat worming medication is quite affordable and you can buy it at the nearest pet shop.

Brands of worm medicine for cats that are well known among cat lovers are as follows:

Combantrin (Pfizer): contains the ingredient pyrantel, can only eradicate roundworms, and can be purchased at pharmacies

Vermox: contains mebendazole, can only eradicate roundworms, and can be purchased at pharmacies.

Drontal Cat: contains pyrantel and praziquantel, is Best used on cats, Can eradicate tapeworms and roundworms, and Can be purchased at pet shops or veterinarians.

You need to remember that cats can carry worms, especially roundworms, in their bodies without showing the slightest signs of illness. However, if the worms have time to lay eggs and reproduce in the cat’s intestines, they can absorb the important nutrients the cat needs. If left unchecked, it can harm your cat’s health.

You can also minimize the occurrence of parasite infections by keeping the sandbox clean by regularly removing dirt every day and washing the tub using cleaning detergent.

That’s brief information about the signs of cat worms. Hope it is useful!